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If you’ve read a few blogs you’ve probably noticed that they’re usually telling you what to do. So we thought we’d have a bit of fun today and tell you what NOT to do! Because when it comes to great logo designs, it seems that two wrongs DO make a right.

You see, there are lots of things we can tell you about what you should do to create a logo – but there are also some things you definitely should not do – and one of those is trying to do the job yourself!

A logo is a lot more than a pretty picture you stick on your letterhead or website. Your logo is YOU. It’s the face of your business, usually the potential customer or client’s first impression of you. Your logo needs to look great – but it also needs to be memorable. It needs to set you apart from your competitors; it needs to say, Hey, look at us, we are the right people for the job.

When working out the dos and don’ts of great logo design, it pays to take a look at other examples – both famous, instantly recognisable logos, as well as logos we have already created for other businesses.

The first thing you might notice is: simplicity. Simple logos are more memorable. Just think Nike. So the first DON’T is Don’t make your logo over complicated.

Under that same banner, we would also consider things like colour and font choices in designing your logo. Sometimes it might be tempting to incorporate everything bar the kitchen sink into your logo. And while the kitchen sink might work if you’re a plumber, the general rule is less is more. So Don’t use more than two font styles in any one logo design.

And Don’t go over the rainbow when choosing your colours! We would generally recommend sticking to two or three hues to again avoid that cluttered, unprofessional look.

However, we never say no to inspiration and clever ideas! We love to chat with clients about their ideas and thoughts because, after all, you know your business better than everyone. And very often, incorporating something personal into your logo design only adds to its value.

For example, take a look at our logo. It incorporates what we do: Creating brands from paper. Our humble beginnings started with making wedding stationery and the core of our business was much more paper craft based. But as trends come and go we wanted to transform and offer other elements of design like graphic and website design. But there is nothing quite like the joy you get from transforming a plain square piece of paper into a piece of art like origami.

So… the origami dog was chosen to pair our passion for design with our love of dogs and give homage to our beginnings.

There are a few more ‘don’ts’ we can discuss with you but to finish, here’s a big ‘do’. DO give us a call so that we can help make your business shine our logo design packages start from $475 inc GST for 3 or more unique concepts.