Tired of doing the “doggy-paddle”? Let Dachboard Design show you how to freestyle!

By June 15, 2016 Blog No Comments

Have you ever seen a dog trying to swim in water? It moves its legs back and forth very quickly. It’s the first movement all children learn when they first start to swim – it’s called ‘the doggy paddle”!

When you’re first dipping your toe into the waters of digital marketing, web design, refreshing your website or re-branding your business, it can feel a little bit like you’re “doggy-paddling” in a world of colours, concepts, Adwords and acronyms; SEO, Vimeo, social media, CPC.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, it can seem overwhelming to try and wrap your mind around so many concepts at once and there’s a sea of blogs all giving you conflicting advice about “what works best”. Worse still, all this paddling can rob you of the valuable time and energy could be investing back into your business, meeting new clients or offering new service.

This is where the team at Dachboard Design truly deliver value to our clients – not only can we help you make your ideas for your business come to life, we can also help you navigate your way through some of the complexities and “tech talk.”

Starting with a few of the common digital marketing phrases:

Adwords: This is an offering from Google which allows you to pay to position your website at the top of a Google search engine or within other products offered and run by google- such as Youtube. It’s great for gaining traffic early, but shouldn’t’ be the only thing you rely on to promote your business on the web as it won’t deliver results on other search engines or websites.

SEO: Three little letters you will hear early and often. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

CPC: Stands for Cost per Click, meaning advertisers can pay a certain amount each time a user clicks on your ad.

CPM: Another popular pricing model for digital marketing- this relates to paying a fee when people see your ad Cost per Thousand Page Impressions.

All these digital marketing tools ultimately work together with your design, branding and logo to help your business stand out from the pack. So, if you’re ready to kick back and freestyle some ideas, and let our team take the hard work out of digital design, we’ll have you out of the paddle pool and into the fast lane in no time, there’s a reason why we are your business’s best friend. Contact us on 043 222 5156.