Standing out from the Pack

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When landing on a business name there are a few major factors to consider- Does it represent your product or service? Is it clearly identifiable? Can you find a matching domain name or social media handle? But most perhaps the most important question of all, does it reflect the things that make your business unique?

Any good business plan focuses on your point of difference in the market. Perhaps you’ve created an innovative new solution to a well-known problem; maybe you offer better service, experience, expertise or perhaps your businesses’ differentiator is price.

Whatever your point of difference, much your success depends upon your ability to stand out from the pack, which is why it is vital that your businesses’ business name, branding and digital presence reflects this important information. How else will your potential clients know you’re the best at what you do?

In a tech-savvy age, customers are increasingly looking for authenticity. They don’t always want the “biggest” or the “fastest” (though these things can help) often people are keen to do their own research, look outside the box and find their own solutions. Personal touches can speak to clients or potential customers in ways that big brands can’t and create a lasting impression.

So it is with Dachboard Design’s new name and branding. Creative Director, Chole Tremble, took a traditional tech term (Dashboard) and added her own unique stamp by inserting a “CH” and designing a unique logo  design inspired by her Dachshund, Piccle.

These two personal touches reflect the creative flair the Sunshine Coast-based web & logo design studio has become renowned for since its inception. And in demonstrating they mean business, Dachboard Design doesn’t just talk the talk, they also walk the walk -supporting Dachshund Rehoming Australia.

The ethos of Dachboard Design is reflected in their motto: “We’re your business’s best friend”. Dedication, loyalty and tenacity aren’t just some of their mascots’ best traits- they genuinely underpin the level of service and effort Dachboard devotes to each and every client.

The team at Dachboard Design understand that there is a story behind every business; we are proud to share a bit of ours with you and look forward to sharing yours with the world.

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