How to Make your Business Card “feel” like you

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“Do you have a card?” In an age where there a more ways than ever to network, connect and collaborate, this is one of the most common phrasesin any industry. Whether you’re a one-man start-up or a well-established enterprise, your business card says a lot about who you are, what you do and what you offer your clients or potential partners.

While a lot of businesses and individuals focus on ensuring the details on the card are correct (and this is important!) when Chole from Dachboard Design is handed a business card she looks beyond the information on the card and reflects on details that may not seem important, but actually say a lot about your brand.

How your business card feels in someone’s hands, the colours, design, weight and stock used to create a card all give signals to your potential clients about your business and the quality of your product.  Your business card needs to reflect your brand and hLogo Designelp you stand out from the pack.  Tweaking even the smallest things can help give your brand an edge that receives a positive response from your target market.

It is equally important to consider the future use of collateral such as brochures and business cards when designing your logo. This is where Dachboard Design comes into its own – the team can assist with logo design, business cards, website design, branding and much more while offering you one simple point of contact – it’s like having your own mini-marketing team on call to help you build your business.

Best of all, having Dachboard Design take care of the design process means you can spend more time building your business so the tail doesn’t end up wagging the dog.

There is no greater investment you can make than ensuring your brand stands out from your competitors. With more than 15 years in marketing and design experience, the team at Dachboard Design can help you make your mark.

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