Guarding Your Website with Maintenance

By January 15, 2016 Blog No Comments

For most small businesses, updating a website is considered a daunting task and is quite often overlooked – yet for any website to be successful it is critical. You’ve invested money in creating a fabulous website but without regular love and attention, it can quickly go to the dogs. By outsourcing your ongoing website maintenance you can keep your site up to date and secure and so maximizing the return on your investment.

So Relax. Leave this web stuff with us. We are your business’ best friend and can handle all your website needs and offer two types of ongoing website sunshine coast maintenance:

Keeping your website fresh $69 / month

Let us make your website changes you need once a month for $69 / month on a short 3-month minimum contract, or $345 for 6 months (includes 1 month free). This includes four requests per month and can cover a huge range of alterations such as:

• Make small grammatical text changes or updating images on a web page

• Updating special operating hours over national holidays

• Posting that blog post you wrote months ago but haven’t had time to upload it

• Adding a new team member

Thus, ensuring your website remains current and functional without costing the earth. Getting started is fast, simple, and secure. Just complete this form here.

If you would like to make more than four service requests per month, please contact us to work out a tailored maintenance plan specific to your business. Our plans are month to month and can be cancelled anytime. Please email us at [email protected]

Guard dog for your website $1 per day

Think of ongoing maintenance as your website’s guard dog. The logic behind using a guard dog is that they bark loudly to alert their owners of an intruder’s presence and also to scare away the intruder. Monthly maintenance will keep your site secure from the non-stop threat of online attacks and all the while making sure everything is functioning perfectly.

WordPress Maintenance Sessions are completed every month and include:

– All WordPress plugins, theme files and software updated where available
– Any errors from said updates addressed
– Alpha Dog security software Wordfence installed and regularly monitored
– A manual security scan completed once a month for tighter security
– Backup of your website files + database saved securely to our Dropbox account
– If required because of hacking or missed payment to website hosting we’ll get your website back up and running as soon as possible.

WordPress Maintenance Sessions for 12 months is $365 or the equivalent to $1 a day. Making your security so much more affordable.

So… you can Relax. Leave the web stuff with us. Contact us today to get your online presence under control with scheduled Website Maintenance Sessions.