Digitsing your Logo while Maintaining your Brand

By May 11, 2016 Blog No Comments

How to “digitise” your logo while maintaining your brand when it comes to branding your business, there are few things more important that creating a logo that speaks to your customers and reflects your values.  In an age where social media, mobile apps and search engines can deliver more exposure for your brand than ever before, established businesses can struggle to straddle the digital divide between maintaining continuity of their brand while capturing the increasingly limited attention spans of potential customers online.

This is where an experienced logo designer or web designer can provide an invaluable service. With  15 years’ experience in design and marketing, the team at Dachboard can help you enhance your brand online while ensuring you retain your hard-earned reputation and traditional customer base. Whether you are looking to make your first foray into social media or a creating a new digital platform or simply looking to refresh your website or online presence- the Dachboard team can show you just how easy it is to teach an old dog a few new tricks.