Dachboard Design – Rebranding a Business

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When Chole Tremble decided to change the name of her creative design business, she didn’t have to look far for inspiration. The story behind the Dachboard logo, and the Sunshine Coast-based design studio, offers a great example of how multiple messages can be captured and conveyed through one chic design.

Dachboard (pronounced Dash-board) is a designed to be a play on words incorporating the traditional “dashboard” or “back-end” of a website created by web developers.  To put her own unique stamp on the business, Chole (pronounced ‘Sh-ole’) decided to insert a “CH” and in doing so also gave a nod to her old branding and fur-baby Mascot- Piccle; a very determined little Dachshund with big personality. The loyal, patient,“happy-go-lucky” vibe that only a dog can give is incredibly contagious and forms the basis for the company’s motto: “We’re your business’s best friend.”

With these elements combined, Dachboard Design was born – complete with the brand’s Dachshund-inspired logo that captures the essence of what makes this business unique.  In an era when there are endless choices available for businesses seeking creative services, sunshine coast web designer – it’s the “little things” that make the biggest difference. Loyalty, dedication, dogged determination, an eye for detail and creative flair are what sets Dachboard Design apart from its competitors. And when you discover the story behind the name, you come to see how well these unique qualities are captured in the Dachboard Design name and branding.

So, if you are ready to start-up your own business, looking to inject some creative flair into your digital presence, or simply want to re-fresh and re-charge your brand to ensure it truly reflects “you”, then talk to the team that walk the walk, and talk the talk! Give them a call on 043 222 5156 and let the Dachboard Design team be your business’s best friend.

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