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To say brochure design has evolved over the years would be a massive understatement! We all remember seeing some shockers over the years, I’m sure, brochures and flyers that look like they were created using a John Bull printing kit!

It didn’t seem to matter way back when, it was just a matter of getting information out there.

But good brochure design – in fact, print management and marketing collateral as a whole – is now a crucial element of a company’s branding.

Part of the reason for this is the sheer amount of collateral potential customers and clients receive. To be blunt, if it looks like rubbish, it will go straight in the bin.

How we deliver a message makes all the difference as to whether it is read – and how the information is used.

Sadly, it can be tempting to try and produce your flyers and brochures in-house, under the misguided belief that this will be cheaper. However, creating a brochure or flyer in Word and then printing or photocopying thousands of copies in the office is never really going to be a winner.

It could even cost more! And not just in monetary terms.

Incorporating professionally designed and printed marketing collateral into your budget is an investment – and something that could make a real difference to the future success of your business.

From a simple flyer or your letterhead to a complete print campaign, your marketing collateral must be consistent, professional and effective. In today’s competitive market, online templates and home publishing just won’t cut the mustard.

In fact, if you go down that path, it could end up looking more like a dog’s dinner than the dog’s tuxedo!

Professionally designed and printed brochures are crucial to a business’s marketing and branding campaign. And they suit just about any type of business.

They are user-friendly, informative and, if designed properly, they are ‘keepers’ – something your customer or potential customer will stick on the fridge or leave on the kitchen bench for future reference. They have even been known to become collector’s items!

A brochure is a visual reflection of you, your business and the quality of your products and services. A sloppy, home-made flyer or brochure may not successfully convey the message you are trying to send.

But a professionally-produced brochure that is crisp, eye-catching and informative will send a message that your business is professional, caring, meticulous and honest.

It doesn’t have to be embossed with gold leaf – although it could be, if you desired! It just needs to properly reflect your image.

Professionally designed and produced brochures are also a major advantage for your sales team. They will love handing out a quality product that reflects their professionalism and helps them clinch sales.

It really is a win-win situation for all!