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Would you like your cards to be a little fancy? i.e. Slim line, die-cut, metallic foil, embossed or SPOT UV? Please tick all that apply. (NOTE: Standard cards are 90mm x 55mm)
Standard Card (90mm x 55mm)Standard-Card
Rounded Corners(3.5mm, 6mm, or 10mm diameter) = +$20
Rounded Corners Cards
Slim Line Card(Special trim, i.e. slim line cards, square cards) = +$12
Slim Line Cards
Die Cut (price varies, please ask us)Die Cut Cards
Metallic Foil(1-side, colours: Silver, Matt Silver, Black, Copper, Electric Blue, Magenta, Red, Blue, Matt Gold, Gold) = +$150
Gold Metallic Foil
SPOT UV (1-side) = +$89SpotUV Cards
Embossing(1-side but the reverse shows on the other side) = +$99
Emboss Cards

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