5 frustrating ways your website works against you

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There’s something infuriating about poor website designs that give you the feeling of actually working against you. Some make finding what you’re looking for incredibly difficult, or worse, are so clunky that you just click out and find an alternative. All the while knowing your blood pressure is escalating and the ten minutes you just wasted can never be regained!

It’s a minimum expectation to have a really functional website that supports your customers in doing business with you. And utterly essential if your business does any type of e-commerce. Here are my 5 essentials to a winning website.

1. The most common frustration is sites that are not mobile friendly. We’re all so accustomed to communicating and sourcing information, products and services from our smart phones or mini tablets, sites have to be optimized for mobile. Those that are not will quickly become irrelevant.

2. Great websites begin with a great web design. What a user sees may look enticing, but it’s how the site functions in a design sense that makes the difference to how engaged your customers will be. Responsive design is critical. Similarly, the navigation needs to be instantly recognizable. Remember for every click you lose around one third of your site’s audience, making it imperative to plan your navigation logically so your customers find what they want efficiently.

3. The world’s biggest search engine is the 100 gazillion-pound gorilla and cannot be ignored. A website is not a website without effective SEO to help you get to the coveted number 1 ranking on Google. Successful SEO simply requires a little planning and commitment to stay the course of your plan.

4. Business and markets change so rapidly, you must be able to quickly and easily update your website. Straightforward administration comes down to functionality and WordPress websites are by far the most efficient.

5. Blogging is indispensable to your marketing success. Without it Google will stop crawling your site, your SEO will tank, you’ll lose clout with customers and leads, you’ll have fewer pages on which to place calls-to-action and collect new and reconverted leads. There are many good resources to help you blog. Frequency is important because it feeds website traffic and time-on-site. In my view, blog posts should be fortnightly at least.

At a minimum, consumers expect websites to align them with your business proposition. Having a unique and user friendly website that delivers your message with effect and supports your Google ranking, is much easier to achieve when you start with a great graphic design team on the sunshine coast. It is essential if you want your website and your business to succeed.

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